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    Read about the E2 visa

    What is the E2 visa program?

    The E2 visa program, often known as the E2 visa, is really a visa for foreigners who want to are living in the US to operate and develop a business. The E2 Visa is a great selection for these trying to start up a business in the US.

    This really is a nonimmigrant visa that is certainly released to people of the treaty countries around the world of the us (nations that have a ongoing bilateral Maritime and Trade Contract with america).

    The situations of your E2 visa

    Be considered a person of countries to which the usa is really a signatory to the E2 Treaty

    The prospect have to demonstrate that he / she has become or possibly is making an investment a substantial quantity within an actual business in the usa. The prospect has to be the trader, the executive degree, or individual at least 50% from the business value.

    The applicant need to demonstrate that he / she is going into the united states with all the exclusive intent behind developing and operating the business by which they commit.

    In the time period of positioning an E2 visa, the investor’s business has to keep a specific functioning and effectiveness, and produce jobs and revenue for native audio speakers.

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