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    Cosmetology services of the beauty studio "Europe" are a complete range of modern day global equipment, programs and technologies that allow you to reveal and preserve natural beauty. So, our studio successfully applies in practice rejuvenating procedures involving exposure to microcurrents. Our listing of services comes with timeless cosmetology services. We offer an incorporated strategy to your beauty.

    We now have formed and are actively creating the route of therapy with microcurrents – worldwide of cosmetology, these treatments are definitely the main part for repairing age group-related modifications. We have followed this encounter and set it into practice extremely successfully.

    The current cosmetology area of your Europa recording studio is in lots of ways similar to a doctor’s place of work, given that many of the cosmetologist’s services demand exceptional cleanliness. All of our professionals get the proper diplomas and licenses, and then we can assure great-high quality and effective cosmetology.

    Sophisticated and successful courses for skin area restoration and care, face rejuvenation, transepidermal supervision of active ingredients, control over getting older functions, and also strong peels are directed at deep repair of pores and skin cells and deeply levels of the epidermis.

    For his or her work, our experts pick the best and present day programs and preparations. Every single process – microcurrents, vacuum massage, pressure therapy, Hot tub-care – is conducted, as they are normal in cosmetology, taking into consideration the individual features in the organism of each guest of your salon.

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